This blog is about Olympia. And, I suppose places around Olympia, but mostly Olympia. A few years ago the blog had a level of snark and local politicking that I've grown out of. That's not to say this kind of discourse isn't important or that snark is all that bad, I just don't have it in me.

Today, I suppose I'd say you're reading a slower version of Olympia Time today. I describe this transition here, but it gets a few details wrong (no zine anymore).

I've maintained a blog about Olympia since about 2001 or so. This is the latest iteration. There was an earlier one called Olympia Newsboy. You can find those archives here. I also maintained a short-lived local news site called Olympia Today in 2000.

I've also chipped-in on a few larger blog projects. I was a founder over at Western Democrat, a front page blogger at Washblog and a docent at Olyblog for a time.

Currently, I also contribute from time to time some history pieces at Thurston Talk.

Emmett O'Connell
emmettoconnell at gmail dot com