Monday, July 26, 2004

Come on guys, give it up. Even Las Vegas has a better chance than you right now.

there is now an overwhelming probability that they will wind up in either Washington or Northern Virginia -- although there is still a small chance that baseball could opt to move the franchise to Las Vegas.

...Relocation candidates such as Portland, Ore., and Norfolk, Va., were pictured as being extremely unlikely.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

The best thing about Pat Ryan not running was that Mike Ditka coulda been running. Now that Ditka isn't... All the good Ditka jokes that will not be.

Ditka vs. John Kerry. Ditka will do to Kerry what da Bears did to the New Englad Patriots during the 1985 Super Bowl. Ditka 46, Kerry 10.

Ditka vs. Saddam Hussein. Ditka will have problems here. Its a road game, played under hot Iraq sun. Ditka 102, Saddam 3. Apparently he has a good kicker.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Aug 19 and Fourth time is the charm. MLB has missed three chances to finish this tired old dog off. Lets hope they finally put PDX MLB out of its misery.
Three Dems vote to continue debate, FIVE Republicans voted against. Four of the five hail from jolly ol'New England. John McCain being the only not.

A National Party No More?

It looks as if the Grand Ol'Party is forgetting its New England roots. Oh yeah, and the best example of this phenomenon, Jim Jeffords (from R to I fame) voted no as well.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Portland Expos dead, all but... Mariners Empire safe

Hopefully on July 13, or soon thereafter, we can put this entire sordid tale behind us. The idea of ever having a major league baseball team in Portland was a poor one to begin with. Now, finally, it may be over.

...three people with knowledge of the relocation process told USA TODAY on Tuesday that those locations are ahead of Las Vegas; Norfolk, Va.; Monterrey, Mexico; and Portland, Ore., but that the committee is having difficulty reaching a final choice.

This will be the last time I run down the list. Hopefully.

1. The Mariners currently have a disproportionately large tv market. Carving off Portland and all the southern markets would harm the Ms. Rule numero uno, don't harm the Ms.

2. Portland better than Montreal? Hardly. Even with a ravenous following, they'd be one of the smallest of small markets.

3. Why not Mexico? I did this little study, looking at the distances between Monterey, Mexico City and other Major League cities. It turns out that Mexican cities are pretty darn close.