Saturday, September 04, 2004

Having fun with

For our first anniversary, Keri got me a shopping spree at Powells. We're heading down there sometime in October, hopefully Sean will join in the fun.

Here's my list so far. Its mostly stuff under "books I've checked out from the library or given away that I want." The Kitteredge and Berry essays I've read mostly, but would like to read in my own good time. I used to own "Disturbing the Peace," I read it my junior year in high school, and is the most significant book I've ever read. I gave it away to an important politician, and I'd like it back to keep. I threw the other Vaclav Havel books in there for good measure. I checked "Art of the Impossible" out yesterday and it seems great.

I'm considering putting some fiction on the list, possibly the two books from Douglas Coupland that I haven't read yet, and the new David Guterson.

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