Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Linda Smith left and then Don Carlson and Joe Zarelli lost in the 3rd

Randy Tate lost in the 9th

Now Dave Reichart and Dave Ross are going at it in the 8th District, the last seemingly Republican District in western Washington. And, the question begs to be asked. If the Republicans lose there, will they retreat from the last bastion of conservative power (such that it is) in western Washington.

In logical terms, the 3rd and 6th Districts should be rural bastions of conservative politics, but they're not. Of course, Norm rules in the 6th, and by pulling in strangely yet almost religiously Dem Grays Harbor and some of Tacoma, he'll most likely keep the district until the end of time.

And, it seems like the Republicans have given up on the 3rd, at least for now. You would think of having the double bad luck of first Trent Matson pulling out and then Joe Zarelli turning out to be a neocon welfare cheat, that they would come back with someone serious this time. But they didn't.

They did almost as bad in the 9th, when perennial candidate for Alaska's congressional seat (as a Dem) C. Mark Greene ran.

Basically, in three districts in western Washington where the Republicans should be putting a serious hurt on the Dems, they've been reduced to also rans and joke candidates.

This is somewhat like what the Weekly is saying today, but different. They seem to think that da'Dems have a chance to win back the Inland Empire district. Well, maybe a chance, but in a high Dem turnout primary Don Barbieri was out polled by all Republicans 55,000 to 84,000.

Is it indifference or are they just lazy? Will the same thing happen if Dave Ross wins? Boy, I hope so.

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