Friday, September 10, 2004

Yet another Republican who wasn't there...

In preparation for my impending shopping spree at Powells early next month, I've been trying to bone up on some of the authors I want include in the spree. So, I've been perusing some new Vaclav Havel, and I realized something that I hadn't heard brought up at all during all the arm chair history writing during the week after Reagan's death.

Reagan gets a lot of credit from Republicans and the like for ending the cold war and freeing eastern Europe and the entire world (short of parts of Asia and Latin America) from the cold, un-Godly grip of Communism.

In all that talk, I heard no discussion of the people who actually were there, like Havel and Lech Walesa (both of whom went to jail and suffered under communism). I'm sure, though, none of them had anything do to with the fall of communism.

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