Monday, January 17, 2005

From what I can tell from the new King County realignment maps Reagan Dunn has been gerrymandered out of running for Rob McKenna's seat, unless of course he takes the very simple step of moving. I've heard Republicans sometimes do that to run for office in King County.

I think Alex Alben, who received shoddy treatment by his own party over the summer, should run for the 6th district seat, as it still includes his home island. When Paul Berendt recruited Dave Ross (the perfect candidate for quite, hansom hero-sheriff Dave Reichart), he cut the legs from under Alben. I always liked Alben way more than Ross, he was in the race even before the senior Dunn dropped out, his eye was on the prize the entire way, not just when Paul B. came a knocking with some name recognition polling. Of course everyone knows who Dave Ross is, doesn't mean they want to vote for him.

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