Saturday, February 05, 2005

Is coming from the Governor's office? How does that make any sense?

For about a month now, I've been enjoying the musings over at, a blog that posts mostly on happenings up at the Capitol. What have I learned about Olyscoop?

Olyscoop doesn't like Republicans, at all or very much.

Olyscoops digs the current Gov.

So much so, Olyscoop sometimes makes fun of Republicans. I for one find Olyscoop funny, I'm a Democrat, and making fun of Republicans is a hobby of mine as well.

One thing I didn't find was any information on who Olyscoop actually is. Well, crap. Like minded people want to know each other. Anyhoo, for awhile I just assumed that Olyscoop was the worktime project of some unpaid Dem intern or session worker up at the Capitol.

Then I noticed today that is a registered domain name.

Huh, I can look this person up then. I didn't find a name, but I did find a post office box in Shelton, which I don't know how to look up. I also found a phone number too.

(360) 902-4136

It's the phone number to the Gov. Christine Gregoire's press office. It would make sense if the blog did come from there, it talks about the press, alot.

Here, Here, Here and just about everywhere.

Now, I doubt that Olyscoop is actually a project of the Gov's press office. If it is, they have got to be pretty stupid to actually put their work number on the domain registration. Why even register a domain anyway? It kicks you to the domain.

One more note, was registered a week before Gov. Gregoire was sworn in. Not sure what that means.

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