Monday, June 27, 2005

Olympia blogs (over to the right and down)

At another blog I did once, but gave up on, I had a list of blogs from Olympia. I'm trying that list again.

Its pretty cool after a few years how many people I couldn't find, and how many more there actually are. I didn't look very hard, but I got a pretty good list in under 20 minutes. Some of my favorites are still out there (Flummel..., Atomic Raygun) and some are still there, but haven't been updated for awhile, but I listed them for old times sake (Making Mistakes).

Some new cools ones are Lacey Libertarian. If you go to his blog, its titled Puget Sound Libertarian, but his url is way cooler. Just something about being a Lacey Libertarian that sounds good to me, maybe its the alliteration.

Best name? The Pillow Farm. And, I don't know why.

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Anonymous said...

I just saw your link to my web site, South Puget Sound Libertarian. Only 2+ months later. Oh well. Thanks and best wishes.

-- Mark