Friday, September 16, 2005

Kendall for Kennewick City Council (well no)

Short of anyone running for Olympia City Council who is blogging, Kendall Miller, a candidate for Kennewick city hall, is putting his thoughts online. Its almost disapointing that he really doesn't want to win, but that actually makes his blog better reading.

Here's his take on the newspaper endorsement interview:
It was my first time, of course, dealing directly with media. The senior members of the board seemed offended by the very idea that someone would run for office with the expressed desire to not be elected. "Why waste people's time?", they asked. But whose time am I wasting? Certainly not the voter's. They were complaining because I was wasting their time. I'm not wasting any more of their time than they themselves want to put into it. Would they rather I mount a lame campaign and pretend that I hope to win? At least they have the option to dismiss me if they choose, an option they wouldn't have if I was pretending.

The other members could see the humor in the situation. There was a reporter present as well who smiled a good deal. There will be an interview with him later one-on-one. It will be interesting to see what angle he takes on my story.
I also like this from his candidate statement:
I have no experience in public service. I am fairly ignorant of recent issues faced by our city. I have no articulated platform that would give you any idea how I would fulfill the duties of this office. I have the support of no particular political party. I have no special talents that would be helpful as a councilman. I don't even remember names very well.

When you see my name on the ballot, the most dangerous thing you could do is vote for me.

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