Sunday, September 18, 2005

"Sign Waive" for Ira Knight, and fighting those pundants

A new Olympia city council website over on the left with Ira Knight's Not much to say about this new entry, other than it is pretty typical of the sites so far, which mostly repeat what I assume the candidates are putting in their printed material.

That is to say that I hope Mr. Knight is proofreading his printed material better than his website. He does offer and interesting way to volunteer: Sign waiving.

In a campaign season that has been long on platitudes and short on specifics, Knights website does give you a small clue of what he is actually about. No fan of the nuke free ordinance or spelling:
Focus on local issues that affect our community, not geopolitical pundants or special interest groups.
Pretty sure he meant pundit(s).

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