Saturday, October 08, 2005

Ira Knight, no longer fighting pundants

No, he never really fixed the spelling issue, but he just took down the page with "pundant" on it for a pointless redesign of his website. If you're wondering, yes, you can still sign waive for Ira.

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magnumsgal said...

PEOPLE: We must out this guy as the right-wing christian conservative bastard that he is. Just look at his C1 report with the PDC and his Web site. His campaign manager is none other than Rusty Howell, field director for the christian coalition. This guy is campaigning in churches ONLY (and door to door with his campaign staff telling voters that the difference between Ira Knight and Jeff Kingsbury is that Ira isn't gay!!! Can you f---ing believe that?)...he has yet to show up to ONE SINGLE forum. Please help!!! Write a letter to the Olympian!!! Out this guy!!!