Thursday, December 08, 2005

Change already happening at

Earlier this morning I wrote (here and here) about how I hoped the WA Dems took this oppurtunity in leadership change to move down the social software road. Maybe a for Washington (well GrowOhio before Sherrod Brown started running for Senate). Looks like our guys are already moving that way (from

As part of the "50 State Strategy," the organizers from individual states hired by the DNC make the journey to D.C. for a series of training sessions. They normally come in groups of three or four--last month, it was Utah, Indiana, Alaska, and New Hampshire. The sessions are distributed over the course of two very long days, and include an opportunity for the Internet team (normally Josh or Joe) to head down and talk about using their own website, email, and blogs as an organizational tool.

The organizers from Washington arrived last night, and they asked to spend a bit of time talking with the Internet team, apart from the standard class, about the use of blogs--both internally on their own website, and externally on blogs both in their own state and nationally. Naturally, we agreed to spend the time with them.

Unfortunately, this kind of comes off like "tell me about these internets that the kids are talking about these days" or "we want it bloggy, but not too bloggy." But, at least we know that good old broadcast style is on the way out. I'm tired of being behind the Kansas Democrats and their fun civicspace based website.

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