Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Go outside KingCo for state chair

A comment I just posted at, but I think it should be repeated, just for kicks:
I don't have anything against Peltz or Rodriguez at all, but I was just thinking that it might be a good idea to look outside King County and maybe even the Puget Sound for a party chair.

Maybe someone like Tom Keefe, former Spokane County chair, former Bumblebee and spearhead of the recall West campaign, would make a good, outside of Seattle choice. I'm not advocating Keefe specifically, but I think it would have a leader of the state Democrats that could help us build the party statewide, not just between Federal Way and Shoreline.


Anonymous said...

If the Spokane County Democratic Party dominated the politics in Spokane County I would be more likey to vote for one of them for state chair but until that day I would rather have a state chair that was a proven election winner.

It is moot to use really the Young Democrats don't get to vote in the state chair election.

Emmett said...

I see your point. But, that argument would work against any county party leader whose party doesn't dominate politics, no matter what kind of job they do or their skills. The point isn't necessarily to get someone who is a proven winner, but to bring in someone who can focus the state party on winning those counties.