Friday, February 03, 2006

Olympia Community Wireless Network (new improved)

This is pretty cool, if I don't say so myself.

If you know about any wireless locations that aren't on this map, feel free to add them yourself.


bava said...
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bava said...

I don't feel like creating a wayfarer account, but you should know that you can't get onto the Saint Martin's wireless network unless you're affiliated with the University, i.e. student, faculty, or staff.

Emmett said...

I was thinking of not listing it since it seemed like they didn't want just anyone using their connection, but they post the username and password here:

So, I'm still undecided.

Emmett said...

Oh you know what, I'm stupid. I just re-read the top of that page and it reads: "Prerequisite: SMU Network account..." Maybe I should try to test these connections before I map them.

Thanks for bringing this up.