Thursday, April 13, 2006

Adele Ferguson's mea culpa on the "slavery was the hand of God" column

Well, not really a mea culpa in the true Latin sense, but she does share and rebut her readers' views on the topic. From The (Collville) Statesman-Examiner, one of the papers that still prints Adele:
Okay, so I failed to get much, if any, agreement on my supposition that the blacks came to America by the hand of God, albeit by slavery, and wonderment that they vote overwhelmingly Democratic when the D's have done so little for them.

Ruth Hansten of Port Ludlow was "deeply saddened" by my "impugning God with the wretched acts of enslaving Africans. My God, I believe, as a Christian and a Democrat, is one of abundant grace, peace, love, goodness, forgiveness, power and freedom."

Many strange things happen under the watchful eye of God and we are cautioned not to question the whys and wherefores. Why did God permit the Holocaust? Did the Holocaust hasten establishment of Israel as an independent state in 1948?

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