Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Washington state is untapped netroots

I just finished reading Ken's piece on why the Washington state Democratic Party should invest more directly in the netroots and forget about their current "let them blog" attitude.

Part of this attitude seems to be coming from a perception that there really isn't anything to be gained from going onto the internet in a big way. How wrong they are.

Washington the biggest netroots state per capita. For example, over at Since Sliced Bread, there is a list of ideas submitted to the site by state. Pretty typical list of large states (New York, California and even Texas) until you get down to number six: Washington State.

Washington, which has less than half the population of Illinois, submitted more ideas to a Common Sense Idea project sponsored by the SIEU. If any state is ripe for some political investment into the netroots, it is Washington.

We're out here, come and get us.

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