Tuesday, May 02, 2006

McGavick's blog really isn't

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UPDATE: Tim Goddard posted my comment thirty hours later and added his own comment 30 minutes after that. He makes a good point about Angola improving (uh, relativly speaking though) and I sent in for approval (not added) another comment putting Saudi Arabia into the mix as well.

I'm not a blog purist, not one of those people that say a blog should have a certain list of things to be a blog. But, if you put a comment area on your blog, I assume you're inviting conversation.

Earlier this morning I posted a comment on McGavick's blog. It was a nice comment, I didn't rail against him by any stretch, and actually asked a nice question.

On Mike McGavick's blog there is a post linking to an editorial written under his name advancing the notion that FIFA should remove Iran from the World Cup because of the nuke thing, and also I hope, because they're a nasty regime to their citizens.

I wondered whether he would make the same request regarding Angola (also currently in the World Cup), since they're not so nice to their own people either. I realize now I should also have included Saudi Arabia, also not so free, but I was in a hurry.

It has now been almost five hours and no sign of my comment. Actually, there are no comments on any of the posts on his blog, which makes you wonder what the hell is the point of asking for comments.

I would assume that "cutting edge of web-based campaigning" includes approving at least some comments.

Oh well, at least he claims to have a blog.


Brenda said...

It looks like your comment finally posted. Maybe you embarrassed them into it.

Emmett said...

Ah, you never know. It is a good sign though for Democrats who want to possibly draw him out on topics they may not want to talk about otherwise.

Anonymous said...

So you're the one--sorry for taking so long to approve your comment.

Of course, now that I see you're not interested in honest discussion, I have no reason to respond to your other comment, which is a shame.