Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tim Sheldon fails to get campaign services from Thurston County Democrats

State senator Tim Sheldon, who is running in a contested primary against Kyle Taylor Lucas in the 35th LD, failed to get campaign services from the Thurston County Democrats. The party central committee voted to accept the report from the campaign services committee, who suggested that Sheldon not get services. Campaign services are things like using the county campaign office, using our lists... things like that.

But, it is pretty close to a what a county party can do in terms of an endorsement. Even in a contested primary, the party will typically give campaign services to all of the candidates. Not in this case though.

Below are my notes from last night when Sheldon got up to address the Central Committee. The format was a Q&A from the crowd, so if I haven't pointed out who said what, it was probably Sheldon.

Jerry Muchmore reports that Anne Hirsh gets campaign services. And, that Sen. Tim Sheldon not, on a split vote.

No motion, so Sheldon gets up to talk.

He brought end of session reports.

Sheldon says: One of the reason I brought these, to give you some idea of the 35th District, because no one on the campaign services committee was from the 35th, and it is much more conservative than what you think.

Elected seven times to the leg. And served in the leadership. Being supported by the DSCC.

There is a big difference between Thurston County and Mason County.

He says: I've always voted to organize with the Democrats... I have a commitment to my district. If they didn't they wouldn't send me back. 81 percent as a Dem in the primary.

It is proper to endorse the incumbent. I think it's important for the party to support incumbents.

Jennifer Speiler: what was with the Democrats for Bush?

Sheldon: There were two defining moments in my political life. JFK assassination and 9/11. In that election I thought President Bush would do a better job, and I encouraged other Democrats.

Did I feel I would turn the tide? No, it was just the way I felt.

I voted for Dino Rossi, I served in the state senate with him for seven years. I think Gregoire is doing a good job as well.

I-933? Sheldon: I'll probably support it; I think it is a fundamental tenant of especially our state constitution. The negative aspects of it have been overblown.

What is your stance on Tim Eyman's initiative 65?

Sheldon: I'm not going to say, he voted to bring it to the floor. He didn't vote for it, because it wasn't something he thought his constituents would endorse.

SB 1458. Mason County used to have a more aggressive monitoring system. He voted against the on site sewer system measure.

Danielle Westbrooke. I want to give you credit

Sheldon: "I'm feeling a bit filleted."

Someone: Why did you run as an independent for county commisioiner?

Sheldon: I wanted to keep the job from being political. I wanted to become the first independent, non-partisan county commissioner. I prefer to call myself non-partisan.

Jerry (on the campaign services report): it was not a unanimous decision (4-1), the senator's record didn't support Democratic values. His constituency is vastly different than Thurston County. Democrats for Bush, which had something to do with it.

I didn't vote last night (I'm a proxy, and my PCO was there), but if I had I probably would have voted against giving him services. How one votes in the Senate is one thing, I can't really argue given his district and how I feel about personal choice. Everyone has to vote their concious in the senate.

But, Democrats for Bush and supporting Dino Rossi would have turned it for me.

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Karan said...

You cannot begin to imagine how happy this justified denial of support for that Tim Sheldon makes me. Not even. Thanks for the good news!