Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Why I'm glad Hillary Hunt is in charge

At one point I thought I'd have to run for president of our local Thurston County YD chapter. But, Hillary stepped in and literally saved it for us.

She was at the convention in Yakima, and with a bunch of other hard working YDs, almost pulled off a charter admendment to get the state party to take the YDs seriously. I was mostly checked out on this one, but if we want the YDs to be a serious part of the party and not just a place where young politicos can hob-nob, why don't we take them seriously enough to put them up with all the rest of the Dash-Dem organizations?

Either way, read the entire thing, but this is a great passage:
Some woman near me yells at me for asking the question. I firmly, though politely say âIâve asked a very fair question I have every right to ask.â Cheers from the immediate area. The chair comes back and says heâs interpreting my question as a request for a paper ballot.

More cheering.

So they start giving out paper ballots. I go on a made chase to find a ballot and get it turned in. I make Dad track down Paul and Grandma to make sure they vote. I whip the heck out of my LD to get their votes in and vote yes.

People keep coming up to me asking when Iâm going to run for office so they can work on my campaign.

Ballots are in â the counting begins. After a very anxious hour, we get the word from our observers that we are 6 votes down. Four ballots had abstentions, 2 people signed but forgot to vote.


We try to figure out what to do next â we just canât believe weâve lost by six votes.

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