Thursday, July 13, 2006

Businesses for Clean Water

From Andy's point of view, businesses are good, until they start agitating for things like clean water:
Last week it surfaced that the Taylor Shellfish company was working to boon doggle Pierce County residents to harvest shellfish up there. Keep in mind, once this happens every resident in the county will be on the hook to make sure those beds are harvestable (aka corporate environmental welfare). It was no surprise to find that the Taylor machine is also on the payroll of the Gregoire machine and vice versa.

The line these crooks gave in Thurston County: “No one has the right to pollute someone out of business” with regards to ramming through the Henderson Inlet Septic O&M program. Nice logic, but it had little to do with the tax and regulation imposed. The net result; every homeowner in the watershed pays an extra $30-80 bucks a year in property tax to support a FTE over at the county in order to collect the money and print permits so people can legally flush their toilets.

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