Thursday, July 06, 2006

Website colors: and McGavick/Safeco

It was strange today, I was going to write two blog posts which basically came down to what I thought about color choices, so I figure its better to do them all at once than spitting them up.

First, what is going on with the new I take Dwight seriously when he says "is a work in progress . We will add features so that it continues to meet your needs," so I can not be disapointed when I realize they took the RSS feed down and didn't do much of anything new at all. Suffice to say, not cluetrain.

(At least it isn't a cut and paste of the national party's website.)

Worst of all, they seemed to have added a strange shade of green. Very strange shade. Reminds me of... some kind of soup. Anyway, the colors were better on the old site.

Despite lacking any interactive features, such as a blog or a calendar with tags that anyone can contribute to, there are some entertaining parts of the site.

For example, since I'm not using a Microsoft browser, it takes me a bit longer to navigate the site. When I mouse over one of the drop down menus on top, the menu appears half way down the page, and disapears before I can reach it.

There is also a what-we-need list for all of the coordinated campaign offices. Some are very specific about food:
* Food
o Snacks
o Bulk Pretzels and Trail Mix
o Dried Fruit
o Nuts
o Sweets of any kin
* Drinks
o Coffee
o Soda
o Juice
o Bottled Water
o Energy Drinks
o Creamer

On to McGavick: Why do you think the McGavick campaign chose the Safeco corporate colors? Seems a bit odd.

I didn't realize this until I was in Oregon for the holiday and we drove by a Safeco corporate office and in the corner of my eye I thought I saw a McGavick sign. "In Oregon??" I thought, but no, just Safeco.

Are they hoping to evoke some kind of connection between Washington's deep love for their home grown insurance company? Becuase, I'm not sure we have a deep love. Are they simply Mike!'s favorite colors?

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