Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Dems more united behind Cantwell than Republicans behind McGavick

Well, that's that I guess.

Ninety percent of Dems say they'll vote for Cantwell next month and 66 percent of Republicans will vote for Mike McGavick. The much lower number for McGavick isn't surprising since his biggest challenge seems to be getting the unknowns down (19 percent). It isn't like there is a serious challenger for him, aside from people not knowing who he is.

The threat of a real Cantwell dissenter, or even anyone breaking 10 percent against her in the primary, seems to have faded as well. Even Mike Goodspaceguy Nelson got more (3 percent to 2 percent) than the leading anti-Cantwell candidate.


Tahoma Activist said...

I have a really hard time with the methodology behind this poll. Also, even if it's true, I can't friggin' believe that the mainstream media refuses to even mention the names of Hong Tran and Aaron Dixon.

This is exactly why we need a robust independent media.

Come to the Tahoma Progressive Media Conference, October 7th in Tacoma, and get in the game! You may not ever vote for someone other than a Democrat, but you must surely agree that wider discussions in the media are a good thing. Independent Media gives us a vehicle to do just that.

Emmett said...

That Hong Tran or Aaron Dixon aren't getting enough earned media can be a reason why we call it "earned" media.