Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Sen. Tim Sheldon to be opposed by state party, officially

From email:
...please be advised that State Party Chair Dwight Pelz is convening a press conference at 10 AM tomorrow morning at our campaign office (506 SW Columbia) to announce the Washington State Democrats' endorsement of Kyle Taylor Lucas in the 35th LD Senate primary race against incumbent Tim Sheldon.
And, our county party is also putting down a lot of money on Kyle Taylor Lucas, Sheldon's opponent:
Thurston County Democrats Vote to Provide $15,000 to Kyle Taylor Lucas' Primary Campaign

At its monthly central committee meeting tonight, the Thurston County Democrats (TCD) voted unanimously to donate $15,000 from the local party to 35th LD State Senate candidate Kyle Taylor Lucas. Ms. Lucas is vying for the seat currently held by incumbent Senator Tim Sheldon, who's also running as a Democrat.

TCD Chair, John Cusick, stated "It's amazing how critical this primary race is to our membership and, from what I'm hearing, Democrats across Washington state. Our members recognize Kyle, unlike the incumbent, doesn't have big corporate contributions contributing to her primary election bid. Their long-standing, deep frustration with the incumbent's votes against the interests of the district's working men and women and their families, coupled with his outright support of George Bush and the Republican party compelled them to do whatever they could to help ensure she can get her message out to more voters during the next several weeks."

Each of the local party organizations within the 35h LD has voted to support Lucas' bid to gain the Democratic nomination during this season's primary election.
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