Saturday, November 11, 2006

Andy's midterm redux

Andy over at Thurston Pundits has some thoughts on the 2006 elections. He mispells Bob Macleod's name and grouses over I-920, 933, Cantwell and other stuff that in the end doesn't make sense. But, his 933 rundown is priceless:
On 933 losing- my family will get screwed on this. However in Thurston especially this will mean the fruit loop land takers have license to extend CAO’s by 10,000%. Don’t think they won’t try. Short of armed revolt (which I say as metaphor) nothing is stopping them now. Sucks to own land. There is a reason that Jews would not own land in the old world…the governments kept taking it! That is the same reason I won’t own a big plot of land either. Sucks to be my neighbor today though.
"Nothing short of armed revolt?" From what? The overwhelming majority of voters in Washington State. At the minimum folks like Andy simply failed to make their case, at most, they were wrong from the very start and got shown the door.

And, what is that a metaphor for? Andy: I actually accept comments over here, so please, make your case.

That he would imply armed revolt, rather than engagement in local government is troubling. But for a small government kind of guy, why even both using government to make your case.

The right step now for local governments in the post 933 world isn't, I think, ironically the status quo. The right thing to do is the reconnect local landowners with the local land use process. If they own most of the land, they should be the most engaged in how it is managed for the common good.

An open engaged public process is the right way to move from this.

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