Thursday, November 16, 2006

BIAW political chief to have sex at a Seahawks game

At least if Tom McCabe listens to his wife he will:
...I have asked my husband the next time he feels the urge to get involved in a political campaign if he could please think of his family and instead get drunk, have sex with a female subordinate in a stall in the women's restroom at a large public arena and, when the police are called in, resist arrest.

I'm urging this course of action since history shows he will receive more generous treatment on the editorial page of our hometown newspaper than if he pursued his interest in politics. He has kindly promised to consider this.

Susan McCabe, Olympia

Of course, she's referring to this incident, which was a local fascination for about a day or two. But, still makes it a very strange letter to the editor. Almost like an internal thought that never should have been put down on paper.

UPDATE: I would kindly suggest to the McCabes that when they choose a local arena for which to arrange sex between Tom and a female subordinate, they should choose Husky Stadium. At least one person should be enjoying themselves during a game.

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