Thursday, November 30, 2006

Civility rules in Olympia, and growing democracy

The city council passed a new pedestrian interference ordinance this week, which pissed a bunch of people off, some enough to protest one of the city councilmember's business. They seem to have backed off though, and now we're getting some really good suggestions. And, some others I'm not so sure of, but I respect the intent.

One of the above links (this one) refers to a the idea of a better public process in Olympia dealing with big community issues. Our common things as it where. Here is a great paragraph:
A friend of mine who is an Appreciate Inquiry Facilitator, attended the Town Hall meeting in September. Following the meeting, she shared with me her observations that it seemed the community members were talking AT each other and not WITH each other. She has since offered to train a Steering Committee made up of community members and leaders in the appreciate inquiry process with our wider community aimed at opening up channels of dialogue, getting to know one another's perspectives, wants and needs in life and begin to find creative solutions to complex community issues. I have mentioned this offer to the City Council and will continue to follow up with individual council members about utilizing her knowledge and training. I mention this, because it is my belief that this form of communication may be much more effective in bringing our community together to meet the needs of both those on the streets and those who are housed. What do you think?

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