Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Terry Thompson, who doesn't know blogs, doesn't know the web either

This is something I noticed a couple of days ago, but a visitor who googled "Terry Thompson political consultant" and stumbled upon my post about Terry Thompson not understanding blogs reminded me to write about it.

When you look for Terry on the internet (with either "Olympia" or "political consultant" attached to it) you get my post about him way before you find a link to his own website. The reason for this is that Terry hasn't taken the proper steps to increase his google page rank.

Of course, his page should be the first one you find when you search "Terry Thompson Olympia" or especially "Terry Thompson political consultant," but they're not.

What you find is some jerk bad-mouthing him.


Anonymous said...

he's so 1992!

Emmett said...

What is it about 1992 and comments about Mr. Thompson? Someone said that back in the original post too.