Tuesday, November 14, 2006

There might be some hope for those GOPers

Yesterday I wondered whether they'd fight to name their own chair, now it looks like it might actually happen. Though in very slow motion.

Here are my efforts today on Kos and Redstate to attempt to get things going.

Here are some posts on their utter outrage (lets see if it translates into action):

Michelle Malkin remembers that the RNC chair is elected, not appointed
The Blogosphere is Quiet on RNC Chair Mel
An Underwhelming Choice For RNC
Whose party? Whose chairman?
Stupid is as stupid does... (updated)
Why it Should Have Been Steele
Mel Martinez, immigration, and hot blooded conservatives
The Blogosphere is Quiet on RNC Chair Mel
More Good News for Dems
Mel Martinez - RNC Chairman

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