Thursday, December 21, 2006

Changing the Democratic Party (in Thurston County)

I posted a couple of ideas (here and here) on some bylaw changes for the Thurston County Democrats. We're supposed to have a meeting in early January to cover whatever changes we want in the bylaws.

The first is pretty substantive, it would give a vote to any paid member who participates at a certain level. Like an earned vote.

The second is more philosophical in nature.

Many times when a PCO suggests a particular course of action, another PCO will counter that it doesn't mesh well enough with our major goal of "electing Democrats." Usually the course of action is something nice, like sending a check to the food bank or something else equally nice. While it may make the world a better place, it doesn't "elect Democrats" in the same manner that buying ad space or donating to campaigns does, so its out the door.

The sad thing is, local political parties used to be about more than "electing Democrats." It used to be that local parties and Democratic clubs were "political organization one day in the year; ... a charitable-benevolent fraternal organization three hundred and sixty five."

I think we should get back to something more like that, an organization that is good by being good. Let the various campaign committees be campaign committees.

More on this kind of thinking at Blue Tiger Democrats.


Patrick said...


What non-profit do you work for?


Emmett said...

Hi Patrick,

I responded to your PLU almuni email addy. If that's not a good one, let me know.