Friday, March 02, 2007

Sandra Romero's official announcement for Thurston County Commission

I didn't say this in my previous post, but it is weird that people are already announcing for a local election almost two years from now. Not that I blame Sandra.

Here is her official announcement (hat tip to Sarah in the comments):
Sandra Romero announces her candidacy for Thurston County Commissioner, Position 2 in the 2008 election.

Sandra Romero served in the Washington State House of Representatives for 12 years and on the Olympia City Council for three years. While a State Representative, she chaired the House Local Government Committee and the House State Government Committee. She was also an active member of the House Transportation Committee.

She has a passion for good government and believes that government works best when citizens are engaged and informed. As a legislator, she distinguished herself on major local government priority issues such as: growth management, improved contracting procedures, building code improvements and transportation projects.

She has demonstrated her frugal style with taxpayer’s money. Consistently, she was the House Member with the lowest office expenses charged to the state budget. “I always treat taxpayers’ money as carefully as I treat my own,” she says.

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