Thursday, July 05, 2007

EWU: The Cal-State Chico of the Northwest

To Ryan, the top contract demands of Eastern Washington University faculty:
  • No school on October 13, the first day of the modern firearm deer season.
  • Tenure to be determined on cow herding skills.
  • Professional training on the correct spelling of regional, yet unfamiliar, fauna. Especially the geoduck clam, which is neither spelled goeduck or gooeyduck.
  • Cowboy boots, mullets and dickies to be approved attire.
  • Pleasepleaseplease put regular floors throughout campus buildings. We're tired of the dirt floors, this isn't one big barn.
  • "Schlitz: the official beer of EWU."

1 comment:

Ryan said...

No joke: driving back to campus after summer break to begin my junior year, I'm heading up the hill to the dorms and a lone tumbleweed blows across the road in front of me. Yes, Cheney really is a cow town. No wonder the Seahawks left.

And in my own defense, goeduck goeduck goeduck.