Thursday, July 26, 2007

Why sport matters (Go Iraqi national team)

A little while back I wrote a couple of pieces about why the Sonics should matter. My emotions pale in comparison to this explanation why the Iraqi soccer team making the finals of the AFC Asia Cup matters:
The Iraqi football team and the match bring together all the Iraqis , regardless on our religions or castes , whether they are , Arabs , Turkmen , Kurds , Muslims ( Sunnis , Shiites ) , Christians , etc ..

All the Iraqis who live outside or inside Iraq were feeling the same way ..

Our players played hard to reach the finalist level , they played while their country Is agonizing , they won to cheer their wronged people..


Iraqi guys were exceptionally happy , laughing and celebrating , we the needed to feel that way, we didn’t feel happy for a long time , I didn’t see many cars in the streets for a long time , but today , it was awesome & full of life in all the Iraqi cities , from the north to the south ,in the east and west..

It is a great way to unit the Iraqis.

May god help and bless the Iraqis and all the Iraqi teams ..


P.S this is the first football match I watch , I am not very big fan of sport , I like to hear the result when Iraqi team is playing , but from now on , I’ll watch the Iraqi matches ..

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