Sunday, August 26, 2007

Smells like blackmail lives on

Stephan Sharkansky got into a little blog post war with a waitress and a anonymous blogger up in Seattle this week.

Blatherwatch and Metroblogging Seattle both have pretty long posts on the... (oh God, I hesitate to call it this) debate. Sharkasnky attempts to cap the blogging about with this post: End of Story.

Well, not really, because even though the actual posts (the one that pissed him off and the one from Stephan that inspired the name of my post) were pulled from their respective blogs, they both live on in google cache (here and here).

So, while you can't comment on this entire debacle either at or "Meet the Stress," (the Shark's "end of story" post has comments disabled), I'm sure the story is far from over. Hell, I mean, its Sunday, so lets see what we think about this on Wednesday.

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