Sunday, September 23, 2007

Various Baird notes from over the weekend (mostly focussing on TeacherRefPoet)

Jim did a really good job live-blogging the town hall in Olympia, and here's his more personal debrief. He struck a thought in me. Solidarity is over-rated. More on that later.

Randy notes the Olympian's story. Randy should link to more blogs.

TeacherRefPoet takes a strident point of view on the entire debacle and says "My party has lost the moral upper hand." Its worth pointing out that TeacherRefPoet and I agree a lot over the past few weeks. Actually, his above post is about the best thing I've read on Baird and our reaction to him since beginning of this entire thing in late August.

From his post:
Because I disagree with Baird, I'd look closely at anyone running against him from either party. But I am deeply saddened at how hypocritical my party has become. They want me to love their dogma more than I love evidence, analysis, and legitimate debate. But my dedication to cool, reasoned disagreement and careful consideration of issues has me defending Baird here.
I disagree with Baird. I think he's wrong. That doesn't mean its o.k. to heckle him.

And, Arthur Ruger up at Washblog has a roundup of Baird's visit to Raymond.


TeacherRefPoet said...

Thanks for the props, Emmett, but did you really mean to call me Rat in the title?

Emmett said...

Oh geese. No, really. Sorry about that. Its how my brain reads your blog title when I'm skimming through my feeds. I did mean to right "Ref" because I noticed when I was writing the post "oh its Ref, not Rat."