Sunday, September 30, 2007

Walter Neary, good blog, should allow comments

Walter Neary, a former Olympian reporter and now Lakewood City Councilmember, writes what he calls a blog.

I was going to write a post reflecting on how much I liked Walter when he was down here (I remember him writing some funny stuff about Capital Lake that I couldn't track down), but man... his blog doesn't accept comments.

Walter. Turn on your comments.

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Unknown said...

Wow. You remember Cappy, the Capitol Lake monster. We had a lot of fun with that, although he/she never really succeeded as a tool of economic development. I'm not sure we ever did capture any tourists. Cappy was really meant to be an in-joke for people who have seen the lake drained. Really, I think newspapers need more personality if they want to survive.

We did see the Web page posted on several occult sites with Nessie, though, which I thought was a good early warning indicator of how gullible - or maybe the word is trusting - the Internet can be.

To be honest, I was waiting to turn on comments until I had more readers and then just sort of forgot about it. We have a couple people, one of them with a lengthy police record, who write A LOT - if you know what I mean - and I wanted to make sure others were there to put their comments in context.

People have not asked for comments, which might be a bad sign about reader interest. But what the heck. I'll turn 'em on later today and see what happens. You'll see a long screed I wrote last night after an odd council meeting so feel free to post later or to something more relevant to the spirit of Cappy.