Tuesday, October 30, 2007

City council blogs in Monroe?

Chad Minnick is pushing for a city council blog to replace somewhat private city council email communication:
Establish a City Council blog as an alternative to emails. There really is no need for Council members to email privately. The only reason any Council member would use email at all is because we get together just one night a week and email is one of the quickest and easiest forms of communication the rest of the time. But only a small portion of what is discussed is confidential, and that is just matters having to do with personnel, litigation, and the purchase and sale property. There is no reason Council members can’t communicate during the week on a blog. Ideas can be discussed in the broad light of day where every citizen can read it. I have purchased the domain www.MonroeCityCouncil.com and will give ownership of it to the City for this use.
He has a few other suggestions that Olympia has already implemented (such as putting the meetings online), but the blog suggestion is interesting. Olympia will of course let you see each and every email council sends and recieves, you just have to drop down to the city hall each month to pick up a copy of a cd.

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Anonymous said...

I just noticed your post on my ideas to publish all Council member communications online.

I've given the Council a little bit of an incentive by asking them to do it themselves, or I'll just go ahead and do it myself. Since all emails are public documents, I would encourage others to use this tactic in their own community.

Here is a link to the latest:

Chad Minnick