Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The governor isn't allowed to participate in civic engagement

Because, some people might think that she's campaigning.

She's not raising money, she's not asking for votes. She's simply getting out of Olympia and talking to people.

This tour is actually a repeat of a similar tour last year, which strangely didn't get the criticism of this year's tour.

Stefan above cynically points out that the governor is bringing along a pollster, but he fails to point out what that pollster is doing. In each city Gregoire visits, there are random focus groups that are talking about government performance.

What this really gets down to is the role the governor plays in Washington. Is she supposed to just sit in her office and talk to her staff? Or is she supposed to get out around the state and actually talk to citizens?

Here's a somewhat boring episode of TVW's Inside Olympia about last year's tour.

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