Sunday, October 07, 2007

Guzzo's a secret liberal

Lou Guzzo, Dino Rossi's idea man, is surprised that he (gasp) agrees with a liberal. Shouldn't be a surprise, Lou's a secret liberal.

Well, not so secret. The guy is really into big-government solutions.

First of all (and just to get this out of the way) he worked for the Lyndon LaRouche of Washington State politics, Democratic governor Dixy Lee Ray. Gov. Ray was so unpopular with Democrats by the end of her first term that it took long time Dem powerhouse Warren Magnuson to usher her out of the race back in 1980 before she could be nominated again.

Anyway, Lou seems to bring that old time liberalism of Ray weirdness into his new job as conservative weirdo.

Take for example:

Corporate U.S. should provide day care for employees’ children -- Not exactly big government, but the nanny-corporate state certainly steps in to take care of my son. Sort of like employee based health care system we have that is working so well right now. Sounds like a gateway drug to the government taking care of the little tyke.

Incentive program needed to bring out the lazy non-voters -- because unlike most conservatives, you don't believe that people should just vote because they want to.

A free bus and trolley system? Try the idea; you’ll like it -- Lou thinks that public transit just isn't enough. It should be free too.

Congress needs to crack down on greedy pro-sport owners -- Its easy for him to argue for a crack down on team owners, but as a conservative could he make the same argument for a crack down on greed energy company owners? Or, insurance company owners?

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