Thursday, October 25, 2007

Highclimbers v. Cougars

I'm not sure how successful the peace delegations from Shelton and Capital high schools were this week.

From the Shelton Journal:

"Just like being 'hicks' and somewhat lower-class than them," says the cheerleader. "And we think that they are rich, snobby people who are stuck up."


"Some kids I know from Capital are snotty. They TOTALLY are."
Read the entire piece here.

If I was to make one suggestion for Shelton. If you are to invade West Olympia, take the water route. I sort of expect that they'd be waiting for you at Mud Bay if you were to go overland.

Land somewhere abouts the Olympia Golf Course and head south. Maybe ask your friends in Tumwater for some help if you get stuck around Evergreen, I hear they never liked Capital anyway.

But, please consider the Deschutes River as a stopping point. We never meant you any harm. I mean, once you've taken the mall, what else is there?

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