Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Kyle Taylor Lucas blogging

Kyle Taylor Lucas, who ran against Sen. Tim Sheldon last year, is blogging now.

Nothing local, but she only has four posts up since August on Yahoo 360 account.

I'm going to say that referring to Hugo Chavez as her hero might point to her not running again.


Anonymous said...


We ran into each other at B&N a few months ago, so I've seen you since your post. I was glad to see you and visit a bit. However, as your post continues to stick as resiliently as the lies of Sound Politics right-wing whacko Stephan Sharkansky (verified lies that continue to be posted on Sound Politics), thought I should acknowledge your mention and essential dismissal of me. Your mention of my support for Chavez notwithstanding, it was my rip-off Democratic consultant and the Democratic Party leaders, including State Party Chair Pelz, who saw to it that I would never run again. I hope that readers will understand that there’s much more than meets the eye. Just as my 35th District opponent, Tim Sheldon, was subjected to hysteric Democratic Party politics, ultimately--so was I. My inability to run again is attributable to a useless and over-paid consultant who compromised me at every turn.

It was good to see you. For the most part, I enjoy reading your posts, that about me--notwithstanding.


Robin said...

OMG this lady is crazy. I had a professional run in with her years ago and I will never forget the level of crazy brought with her. VERY scary to think of her in public office.