Sunday, October 07, 2007

Open comments (not open posts) at Faith and Freedom blog

There is some out of place heartburn over at the Faith and Freedom blog about moderating comments. Strange though how Gary gets the terminology wrong, he's talking about moderating comments, but he says "posts." Oh well, I wish they had open posts at FFB the way the had at washblog and even Sound Politics, that would be interesting.

Moderating comments is a good thing. I don't publish every comment that is sent over here, mostly because there is some just dumb stuff that doesn't add anything.

The most interesting part was the comments that Gary left up on his post about moderating comments:
I have left comments occassionally. It seems as if anytime Christians have a voice, the left wing elitists try to silence it. I think any and every Christian voice needs to be heard, and this blog is a very important venue.
Geese, ok, just moderate your comments already.

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