Tuesday, October 30, 2007

PDC issues new hands off rules regarding bloggers and campaign finance

For some reason, TVW didn't cover the last Public Disclosure Commission meeting. So, I emailed over the PDC, wondering about last week's meeting where they were supposed to cover their rules interpretation regarding bloggers and the internet.

Lori Anderson wrote back:
from Lori Anderson
to Emmett O'Connell
date Oct 30, 2007 11:13 AM
subject RE: draft Interpretation 07-04

They made one change and approved it. They removed the reference to Interpretation 07-03 in the header section. The interpretation will be on-line later today at (here).

We appreciate your interest.

Lori Anderson
Staff - WA State Public Disclosure Commission
PH (360) 664...
I was going to wait until they had posted their new interpretation, but the afternoon went without anything going up. I think its important to note not actually a rule or WAC, but rather how they see the rules).

Here is a pdf of the draft interpretation that Lori referred to in her email. Here is a great rundown of what that draft document is all about.

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I'll post up the new interpretation when it goes online.

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