Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Rhenda Iris Strub is a genius (vote for her)

This is not your average glossy political mailing. It was not expensive -- I printed it at home on top of my dining room table. It may not be fancy or colorful, but it is honest and thrifty, and those are the same values that I will take with me to the Olympia City Council.
For the past week or so I've been getting glossy fliers in the mail from local candidates. Nothing too out of the box, but I can imagine these candidate's campaign committees going through the motions a few months ago, figuring out how much money they have to spend on one last mailer before ballots go out.

Sweating out one trite sentence or another, while over here Rhenda sends out a localized (to Southeast Olympia) and informative piece. Not only is it super relevant to anyone around my neighborhood, but it shows that she knows what she's talking about and actually tells us what she thinks about traffic in SE Oly.

DISCLAMER: Oh yeah, I designed her website.

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