Thursday, October 25, 2007

Rossi thinks state workers would face retribution for talking to him

Rich Roesler over at Eye on Olympia notices the same weird language over at Tell Your Uncle Dino. From what he's saying on his new campaign website, it really does seem like Dino Rossi is thinking that the state government would come after any state employee that was associated (even in a small way) with his campaign.

Here's more information on the actual Whistleblower Program, which is run by the State Auditor's Office:
The law requires that whistleblower identities be kept confidential. It makes retaliation unlawful and provides remedies for retaliation. Reports of asserted retaliation are filed with the Washington State Human Rights Commission. The Commission will investigate the claim and take appropriate action. Civil penalties for retaliation may include a fine of up to $3,000 and suspension for 30 days without pay. At a minimum, a letter of reprimand is placed in the retaliator’s personnel file.
Does Dino think the auditor is doing a bad job?

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