Monday, October 22, 2007

Save Our Sounders (Saints)

The arrival of a top-flight mens' soccer side to Seattle should not be at the expense of a top-flight women's side.

Adrian Hanauer, the current owner of the USL-1 Sounders and one of the three investors in the all but official MLS Soccer franchise, has (or did he?) pulled out of the ownership of the W-League Sounders Saints, the womens soccer team in these parts. Without in an influx of revenue, the team that finished in third place nationally this year might not exist in 2008.

Lacking a similar top-flight league as the MLS since the failure of the WUSA, the top womens' soccer league in the United States has been the semi-pro W-League.

The Seattle Women's Soccer Initiative is raising funds for the team:
The Seattle Women’s Soccer Initiative is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and developing top level women’s Soccer in Seattle by raising grass roots financial support for the semi-pro USL W-League program and development of an amateur feeder program that will provide the best players in the area to face the highest levels of competition available.
Go here to donate.

Although it is sad that investors (Hanauer?) have walked away, it would be great if this effort evolved into a European type Supporters Trust, a fan owned team.

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