Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Sonics impacting Major League Soccer in Seattle talk?

A post in which I paste a comment I put on another fine blog.

Jeff and others over at Center Holds It are wondering about Seattle, the Major League Soccer... uh... league, Paul Allen and Qwest Field.

I say this:

Also, I think that the “not a new stadium right now” talk has a lot more to do with our current situation with the Sonics than anyone is really willing to admit. No one wants to make getting an MLS team depend on a funding package for an new stadium while Clay Bennett is in town jerking our chains.

A little bit down the road maybe? The legislature put $30 million towards a new hockey arena just south of Seattle, which is closer in cost to an SSS than a new basketball arena.

So, I think we'll eventually get a soccer specific stadium here, its just down the road a bit. Especially if it can be packaged with a regional soccer complex like the Home Depot Center, we'll have a winner.

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