Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Stupid Evergreen State College question

I can be dense sometimes, so I have no idea whether this guy is serious. I hope not:
What is the deal with feminists...
...pronouncing the work harass like "hair-ess" and not "her-ass"? I mean, I thought it was just my mother and now I am watching a show on The Hertory Channel and I am confused.
From the wikipedia List of words of disputed pronunciation:
The debate is whether stress should occur on the first or second syllable. Most dictionaries list both pronunciations. AHD has this usage note: "Educated usage appears to be evenly divided on the pronunciation of harass. In a recent survey 50 percent of the Usage Panel preferred stressing the first syllable, while 50 percent preferred stressing the second. Curiously, the Panelists' comments appear to indicate that each side regards itself as an embattled minority." Even as early as K&K (published 1953) it was noted that the newer pronunciation (1) "appears to be on the increase". According to LPD, (2) is the traditional educated and RP pronunciation, with (1) being introduced to Britain from America in the 1970s (see Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em); a poll among British speakers cited in LPD revealed 68% for (2) against 32% for (1).
So, obviously this guy would prefer the new version of harass, but is surrounded by women that prefer the older, British version.

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Anonymous said...

I was there. At ESC back in the day. Tail end of a good thing. I believe in the education, I believe in the experience...but. I have since worked with the administration of the college -- they are power-hungry, conniving personnel. Trust me: they don't embody what you are learning; they don't personify what the faculty are espousing.

It can break your heart. But, really your money -- tuition -- is essentially supporting a crooked administration. Seriously. Board of Governors, Alumni Relations, Administration -- I saw it firsthand: they are out to abuse power, and fly in the face of what this instituion, and Charlie McCann are all about.

Get your education, and get out. Don't give them another cent.