Tuesday, October 30, 2007

T.J. Johnson's old plan for a City of Olympia blog

I knew I remembered this from back in the day:

TJ Johnson, who will be sworn in tonight, said he compiled the list after hearing residents say they wanted a more receptive council.

"It's the sense that we need to do a much better job of communicating and engaging the public," Johnson said Monday. "That's the spirit in which this is offered, to rebuild trust, to rebuild the partnership with citizens and the city."

Johnson plans to discuss the proposal tonight and ask the council to set the wheels in motion.


- All e-mail communication between council members should take place in a "chat room" accessible to the public via the Internet.

- All written and electronic mail sent or received by council members in their capacity as council members (i.e., not personal e-mail) should be copied to a central repository operated by the office of the city manager.

That sounds a lot like a blog. I don't really remember the details of what happened to T.J.'s plan, but you can assume he never got the blog going.

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