Friday, October 26, 2007

Yeah, I don't know, just doesn't sound all that exciting

I mean, an email form isn't all that revolutionary. From Dino's speech yesterday:
Starting today, if you and your neighbors see things that need to change... ""

And I plan to keep this website in place when I'm governor.

If you're frustrated by poor customer service in state government -

Imagine how much better you would be treated by state agencies when everyone knows that you will have a direct line to the governor... and also share your ideas on how to make things better.

And you won't have to register your e-mail address with me. So if state workers want to share their ideas, it can be anonymous.

Today, I know many hard-working state workers feel like they can't be candid and open with their thoughts.

Now you can...
Imagine what a change just that little reform will bring.
The actual governor already has an email form that anyone can fill out.

Email forms for politicians or other powerful people types aren't exactly new, and Dino's framing of his as something special is troubling. He seems to want to have us think that he really is listening to us, but he isn't doing anything new to actually do that.

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