Saturday, November 03, 2007

First of a series: money and the parties

I've been poking around the PDC website for a couple of days, and now I'm going to post how much money is given to the both major state parties and the two parties in Thurston County.

All future posts in this topic will be categorized here.

For September:

State Republican Party (exempt): $41,471
State Republican Party (non-exempt) $0
Total: $41,471

Top giver, George Rowley of Rowely Enterprises in Sammamish who gave $25,000.

State Democratic Party (exempt): $4,543
State Democratic Party (non-exempt): $67,103
Total: $71,646

Top giver, Greg Amadon, a venture capitalist.

Thurston County Republicans: nada

Thurston County Democrats: $5,238.41

Top giver, lots of people, because over $4,000 came from a low cost fundraiser. I'm going to guess the burger booth.

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